set up and clarify your goals using this 6 steps

set up and clarify your goals

Lot of the times the question of how somebody can be more productive on daily basis is completely irrelevant when you don’t have a clear idea about what your goals are. And if in such conditions working hard is really not a fruitful decision. This is what stephen covey author of the book 7 habits of highly effective people says 

“if the ladder is not leaning against the right wall, every step we take just gets us to the wrong place faster.”

Lot of people just don’t have any idea about what they really want to do hence its natural that they will move toward procrastination , finding ways to fill up their time and there is netfix and social media to help you. So here is the real question that must be answered before moving toways crazy talks about daily productivity “How should I set up and clarify my goals” and that is what i am going to help you with. So here is a 6 step method with pictures and examples that you can use to set up goals and be clear about them. 

I want you to scribble down idea that you thought you may do one day and your goals that you want to achieve and trust me it can be anything like making a home made aircraft, travel 4 counties, learn spanish, learn to play guitar,  etc. And if you don’t have any idea and never thought about it then distract yourself from this distracting environment , take out some time for yourself, pick up a silent corner ,switch off your smartphone and just discuss with yourself what you really want to do!!!. you can also discuss with your boss, teacher or coach about your goals , they may give better suggestions. After knowing what you really want to do its time for step 2

STEP2- Dump it all on paper

After you know what your goals are then just write them down on a piece of paper , this simple exercise will make you insanely productive . Only 3% people have clear written goals and these 3% people end up performing and achieving x5 x10 x20 more than normal people. When Goal is in your brain it is just a thought, wish or fantasy but when you write down your goal on paper you give your thought a tangible form…something that you can touch and feel. Also arrange your goals into their priority order. keep in mind the 80-20 rule if you dont have any idea what 80-20 rule is ,

according to 80-20 rule all the major effects are generated from small minors, like for a company its 80% sales are made from its only 20% product similarly not all of your goals are going to give you same result but what are those minors which will give you the major is what you got to figure out. 

STEP3- Give your goal a deadline

Imagine  something you want to do and  has no start an no end, to complete such task you will naturally procrastinate and dont feel excited about. The same goes for your goals if you dont have deadlines for you goals then you dont have a start and end point , after giving your goals a deadline you give your lazy brain some accountability and pressure. Studies have made it clear that humans work more productively when they have deadlines. 

STEP4- Turn macro into micro

When you look at just the end results it seems difficult and confusing about the journey it takes to reach at that result. to solve this problem just write down everything you think you need to do to complete your goal. it may take some internet research and time but when you figure out things get easy. You can now see the micro instead macro which tells you the road you need to travel to reach at your desired destination. Your goal is nothing but a destination and you need to cover the right road to get there.

STEP5- Arrange your micro

after knowing all the micros you need to know how one is related to other and which one needs to completed first. The very simple solution for this step is to think on paper , write down all your micros inside different circles across paper now just discuss with yourself how one is related to another and which one should you proceed with. All these steps take some time but every minute you spend on planning saves 10-20 minutes in execution. So dont hurry and take as much time as needed. 

STEP6- Get started and never look back

this is where finally execution comes up. Just consider your first micro and start making progress on it on day to day basis. This is the most toughest step after you planned everything its time to start it , lot of the times its just that initial pushes which is needed to get started and once it get started everything is possible. Having a not perfect plan and working on it is lot better than having a perfect plan and not working on it.

so get your feet going………

infographic on steps to setting up and planning your goals
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