"Aim of OHNO is clear , it want to provide better opportunity , quality education and services to students and youth across the globe"

- Pratik Asatkar (aka pratt ay) founder OHNO

About OHNO

Education is basic right. Like all other basic rights everyone should get it but for education quality and opportunity are also important. The poor quality , lack of proper education and poor opportunities are responsible for unemployment, crimes and terrorism but irony is that government of many countries consider those problem more important than education. Some countries have outdated education system which doesn’t understand student while some don’t even have education. We know every country has its own problems but the future of humanity and mother earth lies in the hands of younger people no matter from which nation they belongs to. Everything seem to make progress except how schools work. Just because of exam which was made to tell how much someone has learned now takes millions into depression and thousands of them even looses their life. The chances of being alive is 1 in 5 million that’s nearly zero and students give their precious life due to pressure which was made to check how perfect they are. 

These are the reasons that OHNO to come up , we want to create a global community that helps students in every way possible. Somebody someday have to speak for student why problems of education and students are not addressed globally. OHNO is a small step to give student what they want and without support this will only remain a step , we want your support . If you want to see a change please JOIN OHNO COMMUNITY!!!!




OHNO is at constant efforts to make you aware of as many free resources , studies , informations and tips possible to make you better student for life. How using internet you can do what ever you want to . and even if you stuck in any general problems or queries OHNO is always available. 

If you have any query or message please let us know.

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