you can win

Book of The week: YOU CAN WIN

We at OHNO community believe that a person's success highly depends on his habits and reading is the habit of successful people. If you want to learn about mentality of successful people or want to be successful then YOU CAN WIN is on of the best resource for you. Take a look at brief summary of the book and reviews by other people.

best college youtubers

Best college youtubers of the year

Youtube has turned into career now , more and more people are getting into youtube to showcase their talents. It is really important that we encourage students who took youtube and performed very well. So here are the top college youtubers of the year.

best youtube channels for physics

Best YouTube Channels for Physics.

After wasting lot of time watching cat videos on youtube you decided to learn some physics, But in the jungle of information which are good channels? if that your problem then we got the solution for you. These are the top 10 best youtube channels on physics.


why freecodecamp

Why freecodecamp.org is one of the best platform to start your coding journey

FREECODECAMP is one the few platform that teaches you different aspects of computer science free of cost and take a look at what free code camp have to offer you that makes it even better than the paid learning platforms out there.


I am  Pratik Asatkar founder of OHNO community . Education is basic right and everybody should get that but with equal opportunities and quality. But often due to different problems in different parts of the world the young people doesn’t get that opportunity and quality that he/she should get. We need to understand that the future of mother earth is in the hands of those young people and their tool to change the world is EDUCATION. Hence OHNO is at a mission to make education available to everyone with better quality and opportunities to every student of the world. Join us on this great mission.

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